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Hook Figure, upper Sepik River, New Guinea - #2176

Hook Figure - Hooks are used along the Sepik for both secular and ceremonial purposes.

In the home, bilum bags filled with food and possessions are hung from hooks to keep them off the floor, out of the way, and away from children, dogs and vermin.

They are used in the Men's house on which to hang valuables and ritual items and, in the not so distant past, to hang the skulls of vanquished enemies.

They are still a very commonly used item all along the Sepik as the houses have not really changed all that much since the Stone Age.  Figures and masks on the hooks represent ancestors and clan totemic animals.

This superb, very old hook was collected by Ron Perry in the hills above Ambunti in the fall of 1976. It dates to the early 1960’s or well before. Stands 31.25 inches tall and is custom mounted.

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