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Karawari Cult Hook, Karawari River, New Guinea - #8734

Karawari Cult Hook, Karawari River, middle Sepik River area.  Cult Hooks or "Wanlegs", are found in villages of the Karawari River and the Blackwater River.  Karawari cult hooks are one of the most famous and sought after of all New Guinea artifacts.  They were made famous when a cache of ancient carvings was discovered in caves along the Karawari where they were kept and used for ceremonies for generations.

 On the Karawari they are called Aripa and are considered to be living beings that help initiated men in hunting and warfare. They are given offerings of blood and betel nut juice prior to a hunt or battle. Should the Aripa fail to help find prey or vanquish an enemy, it would be discarded and replaced with a new one.  Small ones are known as "yipwon" and are carried as amulets, larger ones are kept in the men´s house.

 Blackwater wanglegs are slightly different in appearance, tend to be painted and more decorated.  Karawari wanlegs are generally unpainted.

 This old cult hook is custom mounted and measures 21.75 inches tall.

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