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Sepik River Crocodile Canoe Prow - SOLD

Sepik River Crocodile Canoe Prow. Canoes are the primary mode of travel for villagers on the Sepik as few roads or even trails run very far. Once a canoe has reached the point where it can no longer be repaired, or if the owner dies, it is cut up for firewood, simply shoved into the fire like a yule log, or left to rot on the ground or in the water.  We ask them to remove the prows before they do that and save them for us.

The most common form for a prow to take on the middle Sepik is of a crocodile.  Crocodiles not only figure prominently in tribal creation mythology but also are a very real and dangerous threat to anyone in a small boat on the river.  It is said that the croc prow is designed to fool a crocodile into thinking it has encountered another croc and not a nice bowl filled with tasty morsels.  Personally, I believe the people are far too intelligent, especially about the natural world, to believe this.

This great old used prow measures 28 inches long and 9 inches wide at the wide end. Lots of great detail on the head and well as on the sides of the canoe part. Custom mounted.

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