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Old Cassowary Bone Dagger, Maprik/Wosera area, Abelam and Arapesh people.  Bone daggers are made from the thigh bone of the huge cassowary bird (moruk in tok pisin).  They are frequently incised with ancestor and clan designs and are generally worn in a woven band on the upper arm and occasionally on a cord around the neck as this one would have been.  This multi-purpose tool is used for fighting, hunting, digging, ceremonial sacrifice, and singsing (dancing) decoration.  Once the tip gets broken off too many times the dagger is often converted into a lime spatula or thatch sewing tool.

 This dagger measures 13.25 inches tall.  This very old dagger has wonderful deep incised designs and has a beautiful smooth patina/polish from age and wear.  This dagger is circa pre-1940. Comes with a custom mount.

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