Bone Daggers, Weapons, Tools > Old Lower Sepik River Lime Stick, New Guinea – 16-19

Lime sticks are used to dip out crushed lime when using the ubiquitous betel nut. In order to get the effects of betel nut one needs the nut from the areca palm, crushed lime, and a bite of pepper plant. This piece is small but powerful. The ancestor figure on the top is nicely carved. It has a bit of damage due to age but still looks great. It is hard to see but there is a tiny ancestor face upside down on the figure’s head. It was painted black but also has a nice dark patina over that. It is 13.75 inches tall and comes with a custom mount. Priced at $75 plus $10 shipping costs within the US (Please see below for important shipping information) Total cost will be $85 IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING COSTS: Shipping has gotten very pricey and changes regularly. I have no interest in making money on shipping costs. You can order with confidence. I promise you if I can ship your purchase for less than the quoted price I will immediately refund the difference. If it costs more than the quoted price I will honor that price. *If I am shipping to you outside the US, please contact me for shipping costs. I will get back to you with a total.