Selling & Buying Policies

I maintain a large inventory of New Guinea tribal artifacts; if you are looking for a particular piece that is not listed on the site, please contact me.


I do not give appraisals. Although I am an art dealer, I am also a collector; therefore, offering appraisals presents a potential conflict of interest.

Note to Sellers

I maintain a large inventory of cultural artifacts. A majority of the work in my inventory was purchased directly from the villages where it originated, making our purchase price far less than most private collectors feel their pieces are worth.

That said, I do occasionally buy collections and so if you would still like to send photos, I am always happy to take a look. Detailed photos and collection information are required. You must have permission to send the photos - the photos must not be sent unsolicited.

When I do buy, I prefer to buy collections rather than have to select piece by piece. The seller must state the asking price for the entire lot; I will not "make an offer". I prefer this method of beginning as it makes it easier for both of us.

Privacy Policy

All contact details regarding the buyer will be kept only for purposes of sales records, forwarding of future newsletters, and notification of new acquisitions. Contact details will not be released to third parties.

Product Accuracy

NewGuineaArt guarantees the accuracy of all descriptions and details of the items listed on the website, with regard to:

  • Authenticity
  • What the item is
  • Where, and from what culture, the item is from
  • Estimated age, period
  • Condition, including existing repairs
  • Restoration
  • Provenance

Condition of Sale

Payment: Full payment to be received before delivery or transfer of title.
Shipping: Shipping costs to be agreed prior to sale and paid by the buyer (unless otherwise agreed).
Packing: NewGuineaArt will pay for all packaging costs (unless otherwise agreed).
Local taxes and duties: Buyer will be the responsible for all local taxes and duties.
Available payment options: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express.

In addition to the usual payment options, I also offer graduated payments with the layaway plan. Please contact me if interested.

Written Invoice

NewGuineaArt will provide written invoices stating the item's price, shipping costs and all relevant descriptions, guarantees and provenance.

Examination Period

The length of the period from receipt of goods, 14 days. The sale becomes final at the expiry of the examination period.


  • The buyer must contact NewGuineaArt to request the return
  • The returned item must be suitably packed and arrive in the same condition
  • The buyer pays for shipping
  • NewGuineaArt will refund the purchase price - minus shipping - after receipt and examination of the item

"Art, in the most general sense of the word, as a phenomenon that attempts to reach beyond the everyday world and at first sight pursues no readily apparent or understandable purpose, is something that is found in all human communities. It would be impossible to imagine the existence of man without art in some form or another..."

- Buehler, Barrow, and Mountford, The Art of the South Sea Islands 1962